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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Banish those Injury Blues

When training's going well and you're making good progress, you feel invincible. Nothing can stop you! Which is why it's so frustrating when injury hits. It literally stops you in your tracks.

Muddy knees – plank walks kept off my toes for now.
Just over two weeks ago I badly sprained my a hen do. (Because dancing like a loon counts as exercise, right?!) A swift trip to A&E showed luckily there was no break but I'd be out of full action for a minimum of four weeks. One whole month!

I went home and did what anyone would do – I sulked. But then I realised, this could pose a good opportunity for me. No, I couldn't run, but I could do a core focused workout instead. Flying trapeze was out of the question, but I could focus on my upper body. Being injured has made me take a better look at my training and really focus on areas that may get neglected from time to time – all areas that help you become a better runner, a better aerialist, a better athlete. Having a new focus has also helped me resist returning to regular training too soon. This is always tempting but never advised and bound to do more damage than good. Cross training means that, when I do finally get back to regular training, my body will be ready for what I want to put it through. It might even be better equipped than before injury. Definitely a reason to continue this sort of training beyond recovery.

So if you're ever unfortunate enough to find yourself injured, look for the silver lining. Keep that positive attitude you apply to training when it gets tough, and think of your time out as an opportunity to learn and discover new activities that compliment your usual training. Your body will thank you for it in the long run.

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