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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Circus Status: Expecting More

The last session went really well, despite the green swollen ankle, so I had high expectations for this week's flying trapeze class. But perhaps that's where it went wrong. I went into the previous class not even expecting to be able to climb the ladder, let alone land a few returns to the platform*. So this time, a week further into recovery, I expected to do better.

But I didn't – my swing wasn't as strong as it has been, I didn't quite make a return to platform and the tricks I did pull off were lacking power. And that's totally acceptable for someone with a sprained ankle, but that didn't keep me from feeling frustrated. Flying trapeze is something I really love so it's hard when I don't quite achieve what I want.

On the up side, I still have two more weeks to get my goal of a really good Kitty Tombe**. So I'm brushing off the disappointment and going in with a positive attitude.


* Exactly as the name suggests. You swing out, turn around then land back on the platform.

** Swing out, pike under the bar and pull yourself up to sit on top. Then gain height (as you would on a playground swing) to drop back down, turning as you grab the bar to face the other direction. Gain more height on your swing to return to the platform.

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