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Friday, 5 April 2013

Run Review: AKA Swim Review

Monday night is run club night. I meet with a group of lovely people at the Covent Garden Nike store for a 7k 'with potential' – also known as 8-9k with lots of interval training mixed in. This is where I'd normally review said run and share how I'm progressing. But as I'm injured running is definitely off the agenda, instead I've been swimming. Pool training is brilliant for injury - you get a full body cardio workout without the impact.

This was my third swim since injury, and I'm starting to feel like I can push myself again, with care of course! The last two swims were quite cautious 40 lengthers in the 'so-cold-it-motivates-you-to-swim-faster' outdoor pool at Oasis, Covent Garden. I am assured it's heated but my blue, goose-pimpled post-swim self is yet to be convinced!

This week I chickened out of the outdoor pool – it was snowing after all! – in favour of the slightly warmer indoor pool. Feeling a bit more confident I set myself a goal of 50 lengths – I smashed it! I always find the first half of my swim feels fairly tough and I have no idea how I'll make my target, but after hitting the half-way mark everything becomes easier. I got to 50 and just carried on – hello 60! One thing I didn't quite manage was a few front crawl lengths. This is still way too sore on my ankle. I'm working on some strengthening exercises so hopefully next week I'll manage a few cheeky front crawl lengths.

Next week's goal: I see your 60 lengths and I raise it to 70!

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