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Monday, 18 March 2013

Run (Swim) Review: Losing Count

I wasn't looking forward to writing this week's run review AKA swim review. The weekend had been laden with cake and gin - compulsory for family birthdays and christenings - so I felt pretty sluggish. Follow that with a day at work feeling slightly under the weather, everything seemed to add up to a tough session.

Feeling like a hero just for attempting this doomed swim, on the second length I suddenly found myself speeding past the crawlers in the slow lane - my home for the past few weeks. Gaining a bit of confidence, I ducked into the mid lane and found that it was a pretty good pace. And, whilst my mind struggled to focus (all it needed to do was keep count!) my body powered on. Half way point to my goal (I think) and I hadn't really felt the struggle that I had in the past few weeks.

Dithering slightly - was it 45 or 54? 53 or 62? - I noticed the pro swimmers gathering. I had 13 minutes to do the last 20 lengths body and brain had finally decided I had left to my goal, before being evicted from the pool. Possible. But I was feeling tired and already quite proud of myself, therefore happy enough if I didn't make it. Plus my breathing seems to have become erratic - sometimes not catching my breath, other times gulping fat chunks of air. And I think my nostrils have grown, I was breathing out of my nose just for the water to rush straight back into it.

Just at the right moment, the guy that I'd been secretly racing and beating (yes, I'm a competitive loon) overtook me! That was it - enough motivation to keep going and to focus on better breathing and form in order to get the speed. I finished length 70 (72?) just as the lifeguard called 'time' on us to get out. There's nothing like a bit of competition to keep up motivation!

My ankle's feeling stronger by the week and I feel like I'm now getting the proper cardio workout I miss from running. Next week I want to up the distance again, as long as I can get in the speed to fit all the lengths in.

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