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Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Cake Dilema

Just a glance at the name of my blog shows it's no secret that I like cake. In fact I love all food! I'd even go as far to say that eating is my hobby. It obviously fuels my other interests – flying trapeze, running, swimming... But I also enjoy eating as an occasion, where you sit with friends and family and share the simple experience of tasting delicious dishes. That's why, when it comes to special occasions (i.e. celebrations that require everyone to stuff their face with cake) I feel obliged to indulge.

March is always a busy time for me. Half my family and friends were born this month, so by now I've already eaten a lot of cake. Now it's my birthday, so once again the sweet stuff has been dished out and I'm expected to dive in – it is my "cake day" after all (as a friend declared this morning on Facebook). But all this sugar intake is messing with my body – my skin is bad, I'm feeling pretty sluggish, and my body's finding it hard to process it all. I need a break from the endless sugar rush! So as of next week, I'm completely off the cake. In fact, I'm trying to avoid processed sugars altogether. But with more birthdays, weddings and general (just because) celebrations on the way, I can see a minefield of temptation! So how do I dodge the social convention of the celebration cake? Is it as simple as just saying no? Or are there times when it's just easier to tuck in? And if I must, how much (or little) can I get away with?

I'd like to think of myself as helpful and challenge seeking rather than a pushover, but 'no' doesn't come into my vocabulary a lot. Especially when it comes to food – 'Porky' doesn't become your childhood nickname without guzzling down seconds and thirds! That name was meant to be ironic, yes I ate a lot but I've always been fairly petite. I still am now. So when I turn down sugary (or fatty) foods an uproar begins. Assumptions that I'm trying to lose weight (I'm not nor do I need to) arise and a big fuss is made. All very embarrassing – I'd rather have eaten the cake...

So when it's just easier to keep shtum and enjoy the thing you've tried so hard to avoid, how do you stop yourself from feeling too guilty? Portion size would be the first place to start – small, obviously! Stick to a slither, relish it as a treat and then move on. Back to no-sugar safety. If you have the option, desserts with fruit or nuts may offer some consolation nutrition but are probably also covered in syrup, so I guess any nutrients are written off. But if you're really stuck, one thing I live by is that homemade is always best! You know there'll be no preservative nasties in it, just a ton of sugar! A compromise, I think...? Also anything home made is impressive. Someone has decided to dedicate time to creating you sustenance and who can resist that? Well... hopefully me as of next week!

Do you have and tips on how you deal with the cake dilemma? I may well need your support in all things cake refusal.

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