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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Bianco, No Fit State Circus

The Roundhouse is meant for circus performances. For a start, the venue's defining shape makes for a modern big top. Then it's modest size hosts an intimate atmosphere but with enough room to swing a trapeze artist as agile as a cat. All the circus shows I've watched at the Roundhouse have been promenade performances (where the audience stands and follows the action on foot), and Bianco by No Fit State Circus followed suit. The initial hub of activity of curtain covered framework in the middle of the space, was revealed at the beginning of the show to be units that are wheeled around the space to create a constantly changing stage. This certainly kept the audience on their toes, constantly searching for the next act.

Credit: Seventh Wave

The show started with a poem and a dramatic scene setting act. The thing is, I've never been too deep when it comes to poetry or interpretive movement, so unfortunately I just didn't get it. So, whilst perhaps I missed a deeper level of the performance, I enjoyed Bianco on its visual and technical merits, of which there were many...

Credit: Seventh Wave

Swinging trapeze artists demonstrating lively twists and turns; dizzying aerial hoopists; a crazy acrobats' playground with bars and trampolines; aerial dance on a suspended see-sawing frame; an exuberant handstandist; tightrope walking in heels (apparently, yes, they are suitable workout shoes!)...All as the brilliant live band musically set the scene.

Credit: Seventh Wave

Visually, one of the most beautiful moments came when a woman with an enormously long dress was hoisted up to create the illusion of endless legs. Rose petals were scattered from above and elongated figure was illuminated, before she released the skirt to the floor and revealed her rope act.

Credit: Mark Robson
The show was closed with a static trapeze performance that showed incredible grace and beast loads of strength, made even more incredible with a sprinkling of foamy snow that turned centre stage into an enormous snow globe.

Show over, each audience member was left to lift their mouths from the floor! Bianco was a wholly captivating experience that shows off home-grown talent where, due to the promenade set up, you really felt involved – you could almost smell the sweat! Anyone booked in to see No Fit State Circus on their UK tour is definitely in for a treat!

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