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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Circus Status: Flying Fantastic at Gymbox

Circus Space is closed for a two week Easter break and there's a huge flying trapeze shaped hole in my life I need to fill! Happily, there seem to be a few alternatives in the city. And, whilst none of my options were flying trapeze, any aerial class would keep all the right muscles in check. I decided to try Flying Fantastic's drop-in aerial hoop class at Gymbox, Farringdon – essentially I'd still be working on a bar, so it felt the closest and most beneficial to flying trapeze.

Within seconds of stepping inside Gymbox, it was clear this was a gym like no other. It exudes a certain personality that can only be described as "Grrr" – the perfect host for a unique workout. And with the walls literally pumping with energy (a motivating playlist bangs throughout the building) I couldn't wait to get started!

Gymbox, not your normal gym

The class is split into beginners and improvers. I stayed with the beginners as I wasn't sure how my experience would transfer but it turns out that, yes flying trapeze is excellent training for aerial hoop! As to be expected, we started at the beginning – learning how to hold the hoop, how to pull yourself on and also how much strength you need to make it look as effortless as our instructor did. I had power in the right places and mentally felt comfortable being up on the equipment, so I jumped straight on! Some members of our group struggled a bit but we were quickly told how to spot someone, so everyone managed to do the exercises.

With equal measures of conditioning and learning poses, everyone came away feeling like they'd achieved something. I certainly did! At the beginning of the class we started hanging from the bar and some conditioning and I managed one, count it, one chin-up! It's been over a year in the making but I've finally managed it! But that's not all...! For weeks I've been trying to get to front balance (where you balance on the trapeze with the bar underneath your hip bones) on a static trapeze – harder than flying trapeze as you don't have the momentum to carry you over. Perhaps it was width of the hoop that helped me get there, or maybe it was the different equipment and environment that helped – a different head space where I wasn't blocked by my brain thinking I couldn't do it. Either way it all just suddenly clicked and I sailed up there with a surprised squeal. And it wasn't a fluke... I checked, again and again..

Beast mode!

The class was definitely fun but tough enough to still feel like a workout and I came away from my first aerial hoop session a very happy lady and feeling like a bit of a beast. Bring on next week, I cannot wait!

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