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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Circus Status: Hoop-la

Pumped from last week's class and knowing that this was the last aerial hoop I'd do for a while, I gave it my all. My red raw hands and bruises (see a list of my aerial hoop souvenirs below) are proof! This session I found myself in the advanced group, rather than beginner, which was perfect to give me that push to work even harder.

We began, as always, with some conditioning and in just a week I could feel that I'd got stronger. I felt more stable getting on the hoop (it didn't swing about when I got on) and I no longer needed to jump up, I could just pull myself there.

The advanced group moved fast, so we could get through the conditioning and onto some poses. First up was front balance. I was looking forward to this one all week after the success of the last class but knowing the advanced hoops were much higher, I knew it would be more challenging. It was less than graceful (let's blame the cramp I got in my calf on the way up) but I still managed to get up a couple of times, so I'm happy with that. Next week, when I'm back on the trapeze, I'll literally fly onto this pose with the extra momentum from the swing!

We then moved on to some new poses; a knee hang, where you hook one knee on the hoop and hang from it; and an upside-down (would be if I could) split, where you hold yourself on the bar with your legs (pictured). Once I got the confidence to let go and hang, both poses felt quite elegant. My homework for six weeks time (when I'll have a week off trapeze for half term, and hopefully return to hoop) is to get more flexible, then everything will look more elegant, too!

Next week I start my new flying trapeze course, which I cannot wait for but I'm going to miss aerial hoop. Lucky, then, that I've got a few souvenirs from the class!

1. Bruised hips.
2. Red raw, callused hands.
3. Bruised arms.
4. Tight, cramped-up calf.
5. Bruises behind both knees.
6. Grazed, scabby hips.
7. More bruises.

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