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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Circus Status: Newbie Again

The three week wait seemed like forever but it was finally time to begin my new trapeze course! I was feeling a few 'first day at school' nerves so I was happy to see a few familiar faces, including my instructor from the previous course who was covering the first class. This put me at ease because she knew what I'm capable of and also of my injured ankle. But as soon as I soaked up the new atmosphere it was clear I needn't have worried. The higher level classes have fewer people on the course and an extra half an hour, so there's no need to rush to get a decent number of swings in. This means that everyone is very relaxed and the class is anything but intimidating.

Everyone in the class had done this level class before, so I was the only newbie. I tried to keep this as a positive in my mind (plenty of people to learn from and to push my progression) in preparation for being by far the worst. But actually there wasn't too much of a skill gap. I'm obviously ready for this level as I felt pushed by others in the class but there's not an unattainable stretch.

I was happy with my first day back. All my returns to platform happened and I did a perfectly timed and neat kitty Tombe. But I'm concerned that my ankle is affecting my form. I've started unconsciously protecting it in ways that change the way I land on the platform or move on the bar. I need to really try and override this now to prevent it becoming habit even after injury. My ankle's getting better week by week so (apart from dismounts, which I still can't do), there's no reason that I should be worried about hurting it.

Well on the way to reaching my new year's goal!

After two hours of conditioning and trapeze our time (and the skin on my hands) was over. And so was my tired brain. But as there was only one person in the next class and we could steal some extra air time, I just couldn't tear myself away. This was probably a mistake. I'd already accidently let go and dropped onto my shoulder – I was doing a variation on a dismount to catch trick I already knew and let go at the usual moment... forgetting that this time my legs weren't holding me at the crucial moment. So thinking that another few shots at that trick would be a good idea, I climbed the ladder again. But, whilst I didn't fall, it didn't go well. I got the timing wrong, I got confused and it didn't look pretty. And that's when I finally decided to give in for the day. I shall attack it next week with a fresh mind, body and new skin on my hands.

Someone presumed I was a gymnast because I looked "so strong"!!! Boom!

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