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Sunday, 21 April 2013


I think food is like magic – from growing actual edible food from a tiny seed, to making something as fluffy as a cake out of a sloppy mix of ingredients, and to how it can make you feel. My wonder at the magic of food is partly fueled by my obsession. I LOVE food! I always have – you don't get nicknamed 'porky' by your nearest and dearest for nothing. But, whilst half my thought are about edible delights, we do have a healthy relationship – I eat healthily but know when to treat myself; I eat when I'm hungry and stop (mostly) when I'm full.

This is probably due to two reasons:

1)  I use my food as fuel and am quite conscious of how it affects me. When I've not eaten enough, I fade quickly and need to grab something to eat quickly – whenever I'm tired/sad/irritated/etc my husband always checks that I've had enough food. When I've eaten too much processed, sugary, bad foods, my body has a strop and I feel really ill. So I've learned pretty quickly how to eat well.

2)  One of my first memories of my late grandad is digging around in his garden and pulling out baby carrots from the ground. That smell when they first come out the ground is amazing, not to mention the taste! Since then, I've always grown some sort of sustenance – herbs, rogue rhubarb, cress in little egg men... And once you've nurtured something for that long, you have to treat it well.

Magic: in 12 weeks these seeds will become beetroot!

Now I'm (apparently) a grown-up and have my own garden, I can grown loads of food! And, like most of my neighbours, at the first sign of a good weekend I was straight in my wellies and into the mud. We have herbs that grow more or less all year round but it was time to finally tackle the big veg patch. This year will be the third of delicious free food from our garden and so far I've learned a lot – always pay attention to the suggested space needed for planting (otherwise you end up with a courgette jungle); always check that pots have drainage holes in the bottom (or end up with drowned pea seeds); cats like to dig in large uncovered boxes of dirt.

Armed with my learnings so far, I've planted courgettes (with the appropriate space), beetroot (my favourite from last year) and different types of salad leaves. All being well, the feast should begin in about 5 weeks!

My beautiful beets last year

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