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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Run (Swim) Review: Swim to the Statue of Liberty

Sometimes I forget that, beyond the trapeze training, running and conditioning, I have a job and career. I'm an art director for an integrated creative agency, which is great – a fun atmosphere with interesting and challenging projects, I studied for four years and interned for two years to do this job. But when I daydream, it's mostly about training (and sometimes about food), rarely about work, so it's always a bit disappointing when work gets in the way of training. A busy week in the office meant I only had 20 minutes for my (fake) Monday swim (due to the Easter weekend, Tuesday was the new Monday). This threw me as I'd planned to test drive one of the training plans from the Speedo Pace Club app. Pressed for time, I couldn't spare any printing and laminating my session plan – I decided scrawling permanent pen on my arm was not the best way to remember the drills – so I decided to concentrate on my swimming form instead.

I'm making waves – my first achievement!

Speedo's YouTube channel has tonnes of instructional videos on how to perfect different strokes. My ankle is still too sore for freestyle, so I concentrated on perfecting my breastroke, in particular timing and technique for breathing (for the past few weeks I've been gulping my way along the pool). And I think my homework really paid off! Learning quickly after confusing myself and taking in a few mouthfuls of water, and with some concentration, I began to feel like a well oiled machine. Each time I lifted out of the water I thought of Michael Phelps' exquisitely toned back "keeping dry" at each stroke. Every time I ducked my head in the water I thought about his coach telling me to "leading with the crown of the head". Everything fell into place. And I felt far smoother in the water – no gulping, no scrabbling strokes, no water streaming into my nostrils. I was gliding!

Photo from Speedo UK
I only had time for 40 lengths but after logging my last swim into my Speedo Pace Club app, that takes me to my first achievement – I've swum the distance from mainland New York to the Statue of Liberty! The waters have been choppy getting there but I'm sticking with it!


  1. I am going to have to check out that app! I love swimming as well, and definitely do a lot of it when working through a running injury. I tend to write my own workouts but sometimes use the ones from the book 'Swim Workouts for Triathletes' as well.

  2. Ooh! Thanks, Gina, I'll have a look into that book. Sounds like a great training companion and maybe even inspiration for a new challenge...?