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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Circus Status: F.U.N

No analysing, no complaining, no judging my progress. Today I was taught to have fun (by the scariest instructor I've ever had)!

She was another stand-in as our normal instructor was away. Instantly, her Eastern European-ness pointed out exactly where we needed to improve. As my first swing didn't go as well as I knew it could, I inevitably got lots of (albeit helpful) pointers on how to improve. I also felt that my second swing went badly and I became a bit disheartened.

Seeing this, our instructor pointed out that I'm learning. This is not the same as achieving. And anyway, when you're uptight, you'll never do well up there.


The penny dropped. I'm not a professional athlete or a professional circus performer. I'm doing trapeze purely for fun and to learn something really cool. The moment I put pressure on myself I get frustrated when I can't do things. And, given the 500 strong waiting list for my place in a class, I should be enjoying this unique experience. I only get to do it for 2 hours a week!

The Nike Supercharge run was all about F.U.N!

This in mind, and feeling happier and more relaxed, I decided to take on a new trick. The French name constantly avoids memory but we called it a Tempo Turn. A Tempo is where you kick your legs in a way that gives you extra height just before you let go of the bar to give you more air time for a catch. In this case, the plan was to let go and turn around to catch the bar again.

I must keep the fun of the circus in my sessions

I chickened out every time at the point where both hands are meant to lift off the bar for you to turn. But I did manage to turn! Not very elegantly, granted. But I still technically turned, so it counts. And now I have a great move to add to my repertoire, which hasn't really grown in a long time. So I can look forward to actually ENJOYING next week's class and trying out my new trick.

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