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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Circus Status: Pain!

As I suspected, having a new instructor would be good and bad. Introductions over, I had to get used to how she does things (especially with my ever-so-not-hot-non-dismount dismount). But, it's great to have fresh eyes look at your swing and a new voice explain a move you've been trying to nail.

In just 15 minutes, my swing had already improved massively under fresh tuition. This meant that, yet again, I can get higher swings that allow more time for tricks. Things like returning to the platform are made so much easier and they look so much better with just a bit more height.

Having a new instructor also means that bad habits, which my old instructor got used to, are beginning to be stamped out. Things that I maybe didn't realise I was doing are being questioned and then addressed.

It turns out I have quite a lot to address. And there was a lot of information to take on board for just one session, so inevitably my mind began to tire. My body too – I'm still not used to the extra long class. And I began doing weird things in tricks I could do perfectly well before – for instance, whilst rolling back down to swing from roulet, I got stuck and couldn't push myself off the bar.

Whether it was information overload on a tired brain or trying to apply said information with a tired body, things were just not falling into place. So maybe it was convenient that my hand decided it was game over when the skin on my palm ripped open. Welcome to the glamorous world of circus!

blood, sweat but no tears

Hopefully with a healed hand, next week shall be mostly spent focusing on one part of my swing at a time. Rather than trying to change everything at once, I'm going for the slow yet steady approach. Hideously callused fingers crossed, that all silly mistakes will be banished next week.

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