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Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Fitness Freak Rave

An underground rave with fat 'choonz' that counts as training? Er, yes please! Fitness Freak, the fantastic know them all class finder, partnered up with Time Out to bring a party to the masses. A one-hour ravercise class in the The Old Vic Tunnels, Waterloo.

Glow sticks at the ready!

Glow sticks a-plenty and neon everywhere, the masses did indeed come. Piled into a tunnel, things were about to get very sweaty – which made the setting even more authentic! As soon as the live DJ's 90s-tastic set started, the crowd began to bounce, more or less in the same direction, as our instructors on stage took us through our moves.

At this point I realise I'm far better at the freestyle sections, with pretty much no coordination or memory to follow the or remember the moves. But with some repetition I slowly began to pick up the routine. This of course all fell apart as soon as a classic track came on – I'm not talented enough to screech lyrics at the top of my voice whilst recalling dance moves in the right order.

A few flashback tracks took me to memories of bouncing around my childhood bedroom like a loon - that's pretty much the style I adopted at the Fitness Freak Rave! Only this party included squats, lots of them! Feeling the burn it was a relief to go back to our routine - now built up to 6, 7(?) different moves, including of course the classics 'Big fish, little fish, cardboard box' and 'The Carlton' – before we cooled down to a Spice Girls track!

Post-rave sweat! 
Whilst this was a one-off event, you can get your glow on at regular classes at Gymbox, where the classes happen on trampolines!


Book through Fitness Freak here.

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