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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spikes + Heels Bad Ass Class

You know the feeling when you take on your first set of stairs straight after a tough class and you know the pain is going to get so much worse in a day or two? Yeah, that!

If you're not aware of the bad ass chick that is Bangs, founder of Spikes + Heels, then I'll give you time to catch up. "The fitness site for badass women" is spreading the good word about true fitness for fierce females, who don't mind getting sweaty in exchange for that rush of adrenaline you get when pushing yourself to reach your goals.

Photo by Simon Wisbey

I jumped at the chance to take part in the very first Spikes + Heels class with a group of like-minded ladies. But once I got there, I realised I had no idea what we were in for! Whatever it was, I suspected it would hurt. In fact, that bit was guaranteed. 

Our instructor, Pavlina, was introduced as the woman who is going to ruin us! This was promptly done after a 10 minute warm up of squat holds and walking lunges. My thighs were screaming! If this was just the warm up, what was coming next?!

Photo from Spikes + Heels

That is the point we were introduced to 'Man Makers' – you grab a set of dumbbells, press them above your head then drop straight down for plank rows before jumping up again for another press! We were told that these were an 'easy' version of this punishing move – normally there's a press-up included!

Photo from Spikes + Heels

This move was combined with others just as tough to create our set. Half way through the 10th, 12th...set, that little rational part of my brain kicked in. "This hurts, maybe you should stop?" But Pavlina's perfectly crafted playlist kicked in..."this time I'm not giving in..." Rudimental kept me pushing. Almost as if the speakers knew I was struggling, those little motivational words worked.

Survivors photo from Spikes + Heels

And with that push, I got my second wind. Ready to take on the rest of the class, which went way too quickly. I LOVED this all over workout. It had the perfect balance of tough yet achievable sets with a comfortable atmosphere where you could giggle or scream! Trust me, when Bangs organises another one of these bad boys, I'll be there!

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