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Saturday, 20 July 2013

LuluLemon Outdoor Yoga Class

I haven't been to a yoga class for a very long time, so for my return I figured there would be safety in numbers.

This morning saw over a hundred people gather in Covent Garden piazza and take to their mats for a one hour flow class. It was taken by a tag team of three super instructors, Celest Periera, Emma Henry and Rachel Okimo, with assistance from extra instructors walking around the space.

The class was suitable for all levels, with advanced yogis adding extra levels of difficulty to the basic poses (the girl next to me was a pro and took every opportunity to balance on her hands). I'm not quite ready to try hand balances like crow pose on a cobbled floor in front of this many people but I felt pretty strong throughout the session. And I actually managed to control my, normally erratic or worse not existent, breathing.

The class was friendly and lighthearted - it even included a bit of booty shaking along to a track from the live DJ. I certainly feel nicely stretched and energised, and I'm pretty keen to get back into the yoga studio (or outdoor public space) again.


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