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Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Trouble With Cycling: Road Bike

Once again those heroes at Hillingdon Triathletes have saved me - I've been lent a proper road bike! No more sticky mountain bike tyres and no bulky frame for my triathlon. This bike is light as a feather with skinny mini tyres. I'm going to float up those hills like a cloud!

A cheeky little test ride at Minet Park closed-road cycle track confirmed that I was about a minute faster per lap than my mountain bike time! It felt amazing to be gliding along, building up speed as I travelled round the track.

The bike has that most useful of features - a speedo. I can track my speed and try and keep it consistent. I'm aiming to do the 12.5k cycle in my triathlon in around half an hour, so my magic speed is 24k/h. If the cycle route is indeed flat, I should be able to maintain that. 

A test of my target speed showed I could do that and faster. That is until my hips began to seize. They got so tight and painful, my 10 lap test ride was halved.

Just when I thought I'd finally got comfortable with cycling, a new issue arises. I'm hoping that a lot of stretching and the swim warm-up coupled with race adrenalin will help stop the pain.

...with less than a week to go til race day, it has to!

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