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Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Trouble with Cycling: Unicycling

It's no secret I have a love of all things circus, yet haven't quite bonded with all things bike. But what if these two worlds could come together? Would this help me form a love for the wheeled beast? Obviously the answer to my problems is unicycling!

It certainly started off well. Sitting tall on the bike, eyes forward, arms outstretched...for a millisecond, before grabbing the bench I'd used to mount the thing having not even moved a micrometer!

This was scary! Two wheels are bad enough but a unicycle doesn't even have the handlebars to grab on to. And the only way to stop is to get off - a quick glance at the paved floor confirmed that I would probably be going home a lovely shade of black and blue.

Gripping the back of a bench, I managed to roll forward. But the rest of the path looked way too open to venture further - not enough things to grab. My pedalling was pretty sporadic. Rather than keep a smooth rhythm I jerked forward, scared that each pedal forward would send me toppling. I was stranded with my bench, not able to go any further.

Then one of the instructors took my arm and firmly told me to "just pedal". I reluctantly did as I was told, occasionally glancing at the hard floor where I knew I'd end up! But after travelling a couple of metres, past the safety of my bench, I felt more confident. My pedalling became smoother and the instructor's support eased off. I was unicycling!

Obviously, I'm not planning to use a unicycle for my races (there are unicycle races, so perhaps one day...) but if I can get moving on just one wheel, surely when it comes to two it should seem a little easier. Here's hoping!

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