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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Kit for New Challenges: Multi-Sport

My race page is filling up with new challenges, including a lot of multi-sport races – aquathlons, duathlons and triathlons. Surely this justifies getting piles of new kit?!

My first ever multi-sport transition from wet (swim) to dry (cycle) involved wriggling around as I attempted to pull on tight shorts over clammy legs – not very efficient! So, as a new member of a triathlon club, what better way to represent than in a tri suit? This little beauty can be swum in, run in and even protects my butt as I cycle! So going from pool to pavement is now only an issue for my shoes...squelch!

Talking of shoes, with each race featuring a run I treated myself to a new pair of trainers. And I did it properly by getting my gait measured at Runners Need. They certainly knew their stuff and, after I managed to trot on the treadmill without crashing on my face, they deducted that I'm a neutral runner and that these Nike Pegasus+ 29s were the shoes for me.

Next on my shopping list, was a race belt. This means that I no longer have to suffer safety pin holes in my technical tees, I can just clip it on. Also I don't need a sandwich board to display my number for multi-sport races (number on the front for running, on the back for cycling), I just twist my belt to change the position of my number and off I go.

My biggest challenge yet requires the most technical bit of kit – a proper wetsuit. The old baggy wetsuit just isn't going to cut it on a 750m sea swim so it was time to invest. Blue Seventy have a billion different wetsuits to choose from but I went with the Sprint as it's recommended for beginners. Also because is says 'Sprint' on the leg, I thought this may help me go faster in the race! It's pretty figure hugging but still has enough mobility to swim in and it should keep the Solent chill off.

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