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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Race Report: How Not to Complete an Aquathlon

RACE: Hillingdon Triathletes Aquathlon
DESCRIPTION: 750m outdoor pool swim - 5k run
DATE: 5th September 2013
LOCATION: Uxbridge Leisure Centre

Let's put this one down to experience, shall we...

1. DO expect to perform your best after travelling 5,000 miles on a plane that day and on 4 hours sleep.

2. DO use an old too-big wetsuit meant for messing around on the beach when attempting to swim 15 lengths of a 50m pool.

3. DO forget which way round the buoys you're meant to be swimming. This only results in crashes with other swimmers and ultimately being punched in the face.

4. DO give up 4 lengths into a 15 length swim. Although it prevents you embarrassingly finishing absolute last in yet another club race, you will only wish you carried on to finish properly.

5. DO underestimate the support and kindness that your club can provide when you're struggling.

Follow these tips to ensure that you too fail to finish your first aquathlon.

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