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Monday, 7 October 2013

A Month with Commando Active

I'm dragging my legs to my last session with Commando Active, mainly because they're still suffering from leg day and are terrified of the stairs, but also because I'm sad my month is over.

New classes can alway be a bit intimidating but as soon as I met the Commando Active group in Green Park I felt welcome. With plenty of regulars, there's a strong sense of commeraderie (perhaps because suffering brings people together) and that mentality is inclusive of new members. As soon as you arrive, you're part of the team. 

And as part of that team you really do want to work your hardest - how can you not when everyone else is beasting out as many push-ups and squats as they possibly can?! But emphasis is put on your best - don't let the one-legged, two-fingered push-up kinda guys scare you off - everyone is given individual reps and different difficulty of exercise. Everyone suffers the same amount, everyone struggles sometimes and everyone has to dig deep, regardless of your level of fitness and strength.

It's worth it! I was definitely feeling stronger after just a few sessions. To get maximum results, the week is scheduled to focus on different areas each day and probably works best when the whole programme is followed:

Monday: LEG DAY
Tuesday: CORE & ABS
Wednesday: UPPER BODY
Thursday: LEG DAY (again!)
Friday: REST
Saturday: FULL BODY

But despite this structure, every session I attended during the month was different - unfortunate for my poor muscles, as there could be no preparation - it was always a surprise how Jon, the instructor, would turn our legs to jelly!

It's not all about the burn, though, there's always a bit of banter flying around and each session was genuinely fun. No barking army orders here, you're more likely to be fighting off laughter as you attempt to engage your abs in a plank!

The classes are on the pricy side but it's worth it just to sponge up Jon's immense knowledge on training, recovery, diet, injury... We even had a mini class on how to foam roll the hell out of yourself (of course, the more painful the better)! And I received a customisable clean eating plan to work out the best fuel for all the rope pulling.

So, if my legs are actually able to get me to my last class, this will not be goodbye. Just a see you later. 

You can sign up to Commando Active here: http://www.commandoactive.com/

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