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Sunday, 27 October 2013

New Kit for New Challenges: Flying Trapeze Catches

Summer holidays are well and truly over, it's time to go back to school. But no sad face over here, only sore hands and inevitable bruises – I'm back at circus school for more flying trapeze. And this time the challenge is bigger than ever! I've moved up another level but perhaps slightly before my time – I'm not quite as capable as I should be for the class. But figuring that being with people far more advanced than me will only push my abilities harder, I'm feeling ready to take on new tricks, harder dismounts and the thing I've been waiting two years for...catching!

Most of what I've learned at Circus Space has been geared towards this moment. No longer will tricks end with a Jen-shaped imprint on the crash mat. Instead I'll be caught mid-air and swing as part of a hanging human totem pole.

That's the plan, anyway. To make the catch, I need to execute the trick perfectly. All the timing, positions and movements must be spot on to ensure I can be swept up by the catcher. A lot of this relies on having a lot of core strength. Although I'm much stronger than I used to be, it's still a work in progress and this vest from Gilly Hicks certainly won't let me forget that!

Core conditioned and tricks mastered, I'll need to work on adding some flair. What better way to encourage some showmanship than having some amazing leggings to pose in. Adidas have created just the ones. And these beauties are ultra comfortable and flattering too!

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