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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Nike Training Club vs Ice

When I was 16, my sister thought it would be 'funny' to suggest we go somewhere cold for our family summer holiday. My parents obliged and we ended up in Iceland – the country not the budget supermarket. Rather than toasting myself in beautiful warmth, I was wrapped up in my winter coat and scarf IN AUGUST! Cue one very grumpy teenager. Suffice to say I now make it very clear that I DO NOT LIKE THE COLD. But I also don't like turning down a challenge.

When Nike invited me to an NTC class with a twist, I was a little concerned about the 'ice' part. But if anything can get you warm, it's a Nike Training Club session. And true to form, despite being on the ice of the National History Museum rink, it only took a few minutes before we were drenched in sweat! Tee, our badass instructor, got us toasty with plenty of running, squats, lunges and push-ups. The key to staying warm is to keep moving. So when we took an unscheduled break, we were met with throw-downs – ten burpees (an NTC favourite).

There was certainly no chance of getting cold. But just in case, Nike kindly dressed us in the Dri-Fit Wool training hoodie. With a high neck, long fit and thumb holes, this is perfect for braving winter training outside and also super soft for snuggling afterwards with a well-deserved hot chocolate.

Nike Dri-Fit Wool

It turns out, the workout was a warm-up for a spin on the ice. Or in my case, a stumble, topple, glorious 3-second glide, then crash into the barriers. Perhaps I should stick with burpees! And if I am going to stick with the outdoor training, I may need a few more kit essentials. These are top of my wishlist...

...something to keep the wind chill out...

Nike Windrunner Flash-Printed jacket

...something to keep those digits wiggling...

Nike Thermal Speed Cheetah running gloves

 ...and something to keep my pins toasty.

Nike Pro Printed Hyperwarm 2 tights

Failing that, book yourself onto a NTC class to really feel the burn.

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