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Friday, 8 November 2013

Team Write This Run: Project 13.1

Since deciding to run a half marathon over a year ago, I've cleverly used various injuries as the perfect excuse to not do one. Whilst I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish the thing, the distance is still intimidating – 13.1 miles is a long way! So figuring safety lies in numbers, I've found a glorious group of people who will hopefully help to bubble wrap this beast and make it less scary – team Write This Run will be dragging me on a journey of sweat, miles and blisters to the Mizuno Reading Half Marathon.

Each member of the team has their own goal for the race – some are hoping for some pretty speedy times, others even faster! As this will be my first half, I will be insanely proud to finish.

...Having said that, being a competitive soul, I'm also pretty determined to beat my sister's time of 1:54. After submitting this to the team and seeing it amongst the other goal times, I now realise this is insanely quick for a first go. But the team has bags of experience, with me as the only newbie, so I'm hoping to syphon off plenty of knowledge and advice that will see me through training and over the finish line in my target time.

Failing that, Liz and Laura of Write This Run, have promised finish line prosecco and high-fives. What else could be more motivating?!

Meet the team here.

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