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Monday, 18 November 2013

Race Report: Men's Health Survival of the Fittest

WHAT:  5k Night Obstacle Race
WHEN:  16th November 2013
WHERE:  Battersea Power Station, London

"Go Spider-Woman!"  

It turns out that two years of flying trapeze is perfect training for Survival of the Fittest. For the monkey bar section at least. After a kind leg-up to reach the first rung, I began swinging my legs to build up some momentum – my short little arms would never reach the next bar without it. Enough forward force built up, my right hand launched forward and grabbed. Progress. Another swing of my legs, then a lunge with my left hand. Swing, reach, grab. Swing, reach, grab. I was about half way across before the marshal awarded me my new identity. And from that moment on, I really was Spider-Woman.

As the only female in a team of ten, I already felt pretty badass (despite having to ask them to throw me over a few high walls) but with my new persona, I could do anything! Carry a beer keg round a loop of hay bales? no problem. Climb through a smashed hatchback? a breeze. Take on a fire-fighter hose (literally) head on? of course!

In fact I took on my role so convincingly, I seem to have developed webs on my shoes. After watching everyone leap over a massive ramp, I hesitated – it was high. But my teammates looked expectantly for me to join them, so I mustered my inner mutant and sped towards it. My feet seemed to stick to the almost vertical surface and I motored up the side, past people waiting for me and straight into the opposite wall. I really was Spider-Woman!

Judging from the beastly bruises I collected as souvenirs, though, I may need a little more practice jumping under and over obstacles, rather than crashing into them before this year's race, newly located at Wembley Park for the London leg.

You can enter for any of the five locations here.

Thank you to Rat Race for the photos,

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