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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

A Year of Souvenirs

Until this year, the only medal I'd ever been given was a toy one from Asda. I'd declared some sort of incredible achievement and my friend replied with a sarcastic "what do you want, a medal?".

"Yes, please!"

So I became the proud owner of a gold-coloured, plastic medal. Now though, at the end of my first year of racing, I have plenty to add to the collection. Each a little souvenir of the fun had, sweat shed and miles achieved.

1. We Own the Night, 10k – The first race, race

2. Hillingdon Triathletes Duathlon – The wrong bike race

3. Henley-on-Thames Triathlon, Super-Sprint – The never again race

4. The Color Run, 5k – The not a race, race

5. The National Lottery Anniversary Run, 5m – The perfect pacer race

6. Hillingdon Triathletes Aquathlon – The only time I quit in a race

7. ESC D3 Aquathlon – The confidence boosting race

8. Swim Britain, 4000m relay – The team race

9. The London Duathlon, Super-Sprint – The almost missed race

10. Wiggle Portsmouth Triathlon, Sprint – The favourite race

11. Wholefoods WomenOnly Run, 15k – The surprising performance race

12. Men's Health Survival by the Night, 5k Obstacle – The bad-ass race

13. Running Show Race, 5k – The donkey race

14. Mo-Running, 10k – The glad to have running friends race

15. Santa Dash, 1.8m – The encouraging my husband to race

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