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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Santa Speed

After waking up this morning to discover a pile of neatly wrapped presents, ripping them open and sitting back to bask in Christmas generosity, spare a thought for one guy (and a herd of reindeer) that's earned a serious rest day. Whilst you were sleeping off pre-Christmas bubbly, mince pies and cheese, the big man in red was rushing down the chimneys of well-behaved recipients to deliver gifts.

Present carnage!

According to The Physics of Santa, last night he visited 91.8 million homes over a distance of 75.5 million miles. All this in only 31 hours (with the help of time differences across the globe), and we're talking some serious miles at some incredible speed. 2,340,000 miles per hour, in fact! If Santa was on foot, he'd have some pretty sizable blisters to take care of come boxing day.

This morning, on my first ever Christmas day run, I averaged just over 6 miles an hour. It was on a very wet and hilly route, might I add, but the great bearded man has quite a lot on me.

Santa is 390,000 times faster than me!

Whilst perhaps I don't need to reach this super-human speed, I'm quite keen to get faster. So let this be the first marker. By next year on my, now annual Christmas day run, I plan to have gained some speed on Santa. And I just might have a companion to run with, if the present from my husband is anything to go by.

Notice how the illustration accurately depicts me beating my husband.

Merry Christmas!

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