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Sunday, 26 January 2014

NTC Week: Let the Sweat Continue...

I love the freedom of running, the adrenalin rush from flying trapeze and the challenge I get from cycling. I enjoy the meditative effects of swimming, the surprising amount of sweat that forms during yoga and the burn from crossfit. I like muddy knees after a workout in the park, the mind muddle of a ballet fitness class and the hilarity of a hula hoop class.

Eclectic Cake came to be because I simply couldn't focus on just one activity – it's a collection of stories about many different classes or events that arrive at one result: to stay fit and healthy and get stronger and faster. So when Nike+ Training Club announced they were running a whole week's worth of different classes, from barrecore to spinning, it was certainly something I could get on board with.

NTC Week kicked off on 'Blue Monday', supposedly the day when most people abandon their new year's resolutions. The aim was to keep women everywhere (classes were run all over Europe, Asia and the US) moving through the hardest week of the year. And with so many types of classes to choose from, Nike made sure any fitness resolution was covered.

A run-down of the London schedule
This varied schedule also proved that training doesn't have to be monotonous and boring. I know many a marathon-er that welcomed the idea of a hula class to strengthen their abs or a rave class to loosen their legs. Training should be fun, otherwise it becomes a struggle to lace up and put the time in. I believe that variety is the key – throwing a new class into your weekly plan lifts your mood and challenges both body and brain when faced with something different.

Now that the fun of NTC week is over, Nike still has you covered. Their newly launched NTC app has over 100 different workouts to keep your training fresh and interesting – try focused butt-busters, limb-shaking yoga or heart-pumping workouts from Nike master trainers and pro athletes. Let the sweat continue...


  1. Great Post Jen!
    I definitely agree.
    Find training that you enjoy, train toward what interests you and never look back. Don't follow a routine that "someone else" thinks you should be doing if it doesn't stimulate you.
    Well put and thanks for writing it!