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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Stomping with Sleek Technique

"Pigeon legs. And claw hands. Kind of bend a bit. Now stomp!"

This is how my body translated Flik and Victoria's instructions in my first Sleek Technique class. Luckily, this class took place well behind closed doors – it wasn't pretty. Or rather my 'interpretation' wasn't pretty. They demonstrated each move with ballerina grace and poise. Then I clomped around with my square feet and callused trapeze hands, trying to copy them. Far more Fantasia hippo than swan.

I've never danced before, besides drunkenly in a club of course, so all this pointy-out feet and numbered 'positions' felt a bit alien to me. But the duo's encouragement and ability to keep a straight faced reaction to my attempts, saw me through. And despite my hunched-up shoulders and inflexible legs, I started to feel more comfortable and really enjoy it!

Whilst I didn't quite feel like an elegant ballerina, I certainly felt the burn. The class, which combines classical ballet technique with conditioning exercises, isn't about prancing around, it's hard! Once we'd finished with our shaking legs, we moved on to making our abs sweat and upper body quiver. I loved it! So much so, I tried Sleek Technique in its original format.

The classes are normally delivered online in a live 'chat-room' format. Each member can see the instructor, who can keep their expert eye on everyone's progress and form. Providing you have a decent wifi connection (and you remember you can be seen – so no nudity or picking your nose) it's pretty much like a normal class, only you don't have to leave your living room. So no excuses for not exercising in the cold winter months, you don't even have to open the front door!

Sleek Technique offer a range of different classes that all work towards a "longer, leaner" you available in the live format, and a number of recorded 'on demand' classes are ready to download if you fancy doing a workout at 3:00am when the live classroom is closed.

You can also now try the ballet experience for free at Sweaty Betty boutiques as part of their Get Fit 4 Free campaign. And, of course, they have a new range of dance inspired kit to make you look the part, including a limited edition tshirt (beautifully modelled below) only available from 5th February to co-inside with the classes.

You can book here for classes in February. And true to the Sleek Technique innovative format, if you can't make it in person, a special virtual class is available from 5th February here.

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