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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Fly, My Pretties: Nike Flyknit Lunar2

Oh the shame! After already having to tug away a pair of freshly tested Nikes from my mitts, the guy handing back my old faithfuls suggested I "throw them away or burn them" as he "smelt them when [he] picked them up". He reassured me that stinky trainers proved I was a runner but when others can smell the miles in your shoes, it's probably time to get a fresh pair!

What good timing, then, for the launch of Nike's Flyknit Lunar2I'm pretty sure shoes that make you fly would fall under the 'banned footwear' category in a race – right next to jet propelled pumps and hover board boots – so be careful with these ones. An even stronger, even lighter evolution of their successful Flyknit Lunar1+ that looks pretty sexy, too. You can customise a pair to match the rest of your lycra collection but I personally love the orange and purple version – bright but somehow not shouty (if you can imagine luminous orange not screaming "look at my feet"?!).

I was invited on a special run around London to try out these babies. After successfully lacing them up (the first version was stubbornly slippery) we set off from Nike Town and were guided by neon swooshes and glowing stripes on a 5k route. My mid/forefoot running felt bouncier than usual and I happily galloped to the halfway point where we were met with our biggest surprise – a string quartet lit with neon almost as bright at the shoes. A moment romantic enough to woo any Valentine.

The rest of the run was over in a flash and it was only as I hesitantly handed back the vibrant kicks that I remembered I was running in someone else's shoes. They weren't my worn-in regulars but they were just as comfy – no heel rubbing, no toe blisters but still freedom of movement.

You can grab yourself a pair of the Nike Flyknit Lunar2 now.