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Monday, 24 February 2014

Happy Pedaling at Psycle

I didn't tell my friend much about the indoor cycling studio I was so keen to go to for the second time that week. Instead, I encouraged her to come with me. As she waited nervously for what was to come, I waited with a ridiculously wide grin on my face for her to experience the same giddiness I'd felt on my first visit. Finally, the music began to bound from the speakers, flashing lights splashed the room in colour and we began clapping our hands over our heads in time to the music. There it was – her goofy grin!

Psycle focuses not only on working your whole body but on your state of mind, so leaving the studio looking like you've smuggled a clothes hanger in your mouth is encouraged! By using a fresh bunch of encouraging instructors and a playlist that you just cant help but move to, the classes are made fun which makes it easier to work hard – I only realised how much work we'd put in when my DOMS kicked in the next day. 

Music, in particular, is important to set the pace of the class as well as the mood. No matter each individuals' ability, everyone moves together to the beat whether that be super speedy or ploddingly slow (FYI: both hard). As well as the expected pedaling, there were a lot of coordinated moves – punching in the air, moving side-to-side and waving hand weights around. We were basically dancing on the bike (slightly less surprising when you look at the instructors' West End and performance credentials).

The space alone is a sanctuary. It's brilliantly designed with bold graphics on huge white walls, which stand atop beautifully battered parquay floors. Thoughtful touches can be found everywhere, from registration where they already know your shoe size (everyone wears cleats for better connection with the bike) to the hair bobble-stocked changing room. I'd happily stay there for a post-workout juice, browsing the mini retail space boasting Lorna Jane apparel and Ila skincare.

Years have gone into developing London's most unique take on indoor cycling and it's paying off – Psycle is a huge dose of happy. And not just the type of sweaty endorphin chemical happy from the relief of surviving a spin session, the class genuinely lifted my spirits. I challenge anyone to leave in a bad mood – like licking your elbow or only eating half a chocolate bar, it is impossible.

You can book your bike here.


  1. I loved it there too. I started my week on Monday morning at the 7.30 am class- AMAZING! Oh and my cousin can lick his elbow...

    1. What a perfect way to combat Monday morning blues. No way can your cousin lick his elbow!