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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Honestly, How Good Are You?



A person new to and inexperienced in a job or situation. "She was a complete novice on the club Sunday cycle."

synonyms: beginner, learner, inexperienced, new member, fledgling;

me as a novice shape-sorter
Perhaps it's a British thing, maybe it's polite, possibly it's an unwritten rule but few people seem to be honest about how good they really are. Whether talking about their running, cycling or syncronised trampolining, most choose to downplay their achievements and claim to be much worse than they actually are.

Yes, modesty seems to be a desirable quality amongst athletes. But when those with some experience and technical mileage under their belts choose to masquerade as novices, what does this mean for the true beginners with no experience or those that, not for want of trying, struggle to master the basics?

We've all been beginners at some stage, so we know that starting something new can be pretty scary. It's all the more terrifying if seasoned members of your new club or class introduce themselves as 'not very good' when you've spent the session trying to be just half as competent as them. If the existing 'novices' really aren't that novice, then true beginners are bound to come away feeling disheartened, embarrassed and probably dreading next time...if they come back. 

So please, celebrate your sporting merits, shout from the rooftops about your success and pave the way for those that really are slower and weaker. Let's let novices be novices.

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