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Monday, 17 February 2014

Running with* a Legend


Haile Gebrselassie is fast. You don't win two Olympic golds and break 27 world records by taking your time. So when Adidas invited me for a 'gentle' 8k run with him to celebrate a year of Energy Boost, I knew it would be anything but. He's knocked out a 2:03:59 marathon, I'd be lucky to finish my first half marathon in that time!

Luckily, Adidas knew I'd need some help so they kindly kitted me up with a pair of Adistar Boost shoes that definitely put a spring in my step. Thankfully very comfy for a fast 5 mile run in brand new trainers, they also look great and on trend with neon laces. The group was also taken through a warm-up that focused on getting our running posture right by lifting our bodies up, leaning forward and letting the legs move forward into a run. I was ready.

My awesome Adistar Boosts

I kept up with Haile's 'relaxed' pace for about eight minutes. Eight whole minutes! Pretty impressive, I think. During the rest of the session I got to know the back of the running legend's head pretty well but the beautiful weather, London park route and excited company made for a brilliant afternoon.

Finally caught up for a photo

After we recovered our breath, we went through a group stretch. Yes, elite athletes stretch! And here, explained brilliantly by Haile, is why you should too...

Listening to some wise words

"Have you ever seen a cat stretch? Why does he do this? To catch more mice."

And on that note, he turned back to his hotel room for a shower because during our run we'd already had a "shower for the mind".

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