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Friday, 21 March 2014

Fit Festivities

Yesterday was my birthday, so to celebrate the beginning of the end of my twenties, some lovely friends, family, brands and studios put on a whole day of fit festivities (probably) just for me!

If you've been living as a hermit for the past few months, it may be news to you that fashion and fitness-wear are now the best of friends. And joy of all joys, two of my favourite brands have joined forces to create a new collection for spring. Topshop have highjacked some Adidas Originals classics and made them ready for the 'concrete catwalk'. I was up at the crack of dawn to pick out my favourite items but don't worry, I left a few for you if you're quick – they're hot property!

All mine!

For weeks I've been stalking the new Lululemon Covent Garden location, hoping for a sneaky peek inside. I've not had much luck and their secret is still safe but yesterday they celebrated a week until the big unveil by treating me* to a spot of cheeky yoga. I escaped at lunchtime after waving my pre-written excuse at my boss for a spot of Vinyasa Flow at Yotopia. As always, I'd forgotten how much of a sweaty mess this makes me, so my post yoga glow was more of a pong but it was still wonderful to sneak out for a midday stretch.

Quite a believable excuse, I think


It's no secret I love this place so there was no better way to ensure my birthday was a happy one than to take a spin with Psycle. As always the music, lighting and movement had me walking out of the studio with a ridiculous grin on my face. What's more, I got to thumb through the newly launched Lexie collection – my 'want' list is long enough to keep me going until my next birthday!

I love this place!
Some much love for Lexie!
Want, want, want!

Birthdays aren't all about taking, sometimes it's nice to give something back. And seeing as I've just purchased a whole pile of new lycra, I'm going to have to make some room for it. So yesterday I donated any items that haven't run, cycled or trapezed with me for three months to A Mile in Her Shoes – a charity that helps homeless women find their feet through the power of running. If you have any kit or trainers gathering dust, please send them to this brilliant charity. Details here.

I've been very lucky to get so many lovely presents. Here are a few of the fittest...

I finally get to try waterskiing!
Yup. This is me all over!
Just in case I was doing it wrong.
This baby is being laced to my trainers for luck.
Yep. You read it!


  1. Ah sounds like a perfect birthday- shopping, yoga and spinning :-) Happy Birthday for yesterday