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Thursday, 27 March 2014

In Support of Pink

It's just a colour, right? But somewhere on the way to red, lies something controversial. When the 'P' bomb is dropped, some women coo and others curl in repulse. It's become a signifier of all things female – how do you know it's the women's range? It's got pink on it – and some are sick of this colour coding. After all, how many of us really want to use an adult-sized pink and flowery bike (I'm looking at you, Halfords)!

In the early 90s, pink got into another fight. It was used as the ribbon colour in the battle against breast cancer. So chosen as it's one sure thing that women can own. Something that, whether we like it or not, is undeniably female. Now this colour, and the fundraisers who dress head to toe in it, have raised millions of pounds for a cause that affects us all. That is the reason this triathlon is pink. 

Triathlon Pink is about women coming together to raise money for a worthy cause so, of course, the more participants the better. But triathlon can be indimidating. You have to spread your efforts across three disciplines and there's a whole world of technical kit to make sense of – one year on and I'm still trying to understand how my bike works! So this event has been geared towards being as accessible as possible so all women, no matter what their fitness level or experience, can take part.

Firstly, to take out one of the biggest fears of triathlon, the swim is completed in an indoor pool – no need for wetsuits or to splash around in a lake – and individual start times that give any level of swimmer space to complete their laps. The emphasis is on the taking part, preferably in a group, and having loads of fun so participants aren't timed. And to make sure you can bring your friends, the distances are short enough for anyone to achieve with just a little training. That means not having to swim, bike or run five times a week and not having to step foot inside a scary triathlon shop to 'invest' a small fortune on kit. 

Just as Race for Life has launched the running career of many a race addicted marathon runner, the women who do Triathlon Pink often fall in love with the sport. The Australian version sees many fully-fledged triathletes returning to their racing home to support those taking part for the first time. What could be more amazing than watching someone take their first steps towards an active life as they help to make someone else's longer? Today's money-raising nervous first-timers could be tomorrow's iron(wo)men! 

For more information on the five UK Triathlon Pink events being held this Summer, look here.


  1. I bought my first trisuit this week, and it is PINK!
    I am quite interested in the Triathlon Pink, it sounds like a good one for newcomers to multi-sport events (like me). Race for Life got me in to running like you said, so I like the idea of an accessible triathlon to get more women into the sport.

    1. That's brilliant, Lucy! Triathlon Pink is definitely a great way to get your first race under your belt! Let me know if you sign up. Good luck!