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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Team GB

YES! Dig out your oversized Union Jack, a second dose of Winter games has begun. And we seem to be storming it already with our first ever Winter Paralympic gold and a list of others – brilliant for a nation geographically disadvantaged when it comes to snow. 

Enjoy it – events like this are a rare opportunity for us Brits to be vocally patriotic. But what happens when the game finish? Do we really have to turn back into a self deprecating nation? Fear not, an ever growing list of brilliant UK fitness-wear designers is forming  a perfect way to continue flying the sporting flag.

Indroducing Team GB...


Look out for this body in the new collection
Soft Slouchy Studio Pant
Any of the items from dance inspired Pepper & Mayne, would fool someone into thinking I was a dancer. And they'd never have to know I'm as graceful as an oven-mit tying shoelaces because these beautiful laid-back pieces are for contemplating a barre class or cooling down from a stretching session. Their "pull on and go" attitude are perfect for the balletic layered look.

Leap towards the Pepper & Mayne shop here.


Luxe Box Sweat & Diamond Cut Leggings
Cropped Drape T-Shirt, Long Line Luxe Vest & Side Mesh Capri
For those that still need convincing sweaty is sexy, this made in Britain label is proof. Angular cut-outs give you the chance to show off your honed body whilst still being super flattering. Gymluxe is inspired by women's strength and individuality, so each piece is also functional for a full-on workout, whether that be spinning or crossfit. 

See what takes your fancy from Gymluxe here.


Time Out Sweat
Game Changer Crop & Game Changer Capri
As the name suggests, this new British brand believes in making the most of your time. That's why their collections are designed to live both in and out of the gym – I'd happily wear their ultra flattering leggings or super soft tops for a Saturday stroll or a Sunday sweat. They haven't forgotten about function, either. Every Second Counts' whole Black range, for example, uses super-quick drying materials that can be washed at night, ready to use for an early morning session. And if you're lucky enough, you'll choose one of the garments that holds a secret mantra within its hem.

Finger through the virtual rails of Every Second Counts here.


The Athena Body & The Nitro Trackpant
The Nitro Bra & The Laser Legging
Who better to design a fitness collection than a personal trainer? Charli is certainly well informed and it shows with her use of cutting edge sports-tech fabrics and clever cuts that allow you to move whilst still looking hot. Her trademark colour blocking and sweeping lines are like a luxe version of go-faster stripes – how could you resist taking this label for a spin...or run or lift?

Hot foot it to Charli Cohen's website here.

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