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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Team Write This Run: Finish

I am pleased to announce I've joined a new 'team' – club half marathon. After fluttering between excitement and terror, the day finally arrived to put my legs and mind to the test over 13.1 miles. And I made it! I can now sit with others that have braved this distance and nod in agreement when they talk about 'taper madness' and bruised toes. The number sequence 02:04:31 will always bring memories of gel-sticky fingers, noisy bridges and beating Wonder Woman. But more on that soon...

A bunch of awesome people warmed up the finish line for me, whose racing wisdom and advice helped me prepare for my furthest ever run. Now, I'm not saying I'm psychic but their finish order was also the order they kindly appeared here on Eclectic Cake as guest bloggers.

Photo stolen from Gordon Buxton

Suzie, who earned a massive PB of 01:38:06 yesterday, warned me of the tears. But not of sadness, definitely not of disappointment, out of realisation that the moment I crossed that finish line, my life might just be changed forever.

Pacing Suzie over the line, was Chris who, when I was struggling to remember why I'd signed up for Reading Half Marathon, reminded me why it was such a great distance to run.

Running strong over the line, was Katie. My undercarriage definitely thanks her for the comfy ride, as she pointed out the value of not overlooking one vital piece of kit.

Jay, who smashed out a huge new PB of 01:54:14, gave us a little history of the event. But most importantly (and perhaps accidently) made me realise that I signed up to join team Write This Run for fun – so I best make sure I enjoy it.

Of course not all of the team ran at Reading. Although Liz and Laura of Write This Run didn't cross the start line with us, they gave us the push. And I'm so pleased they did!

Thank you, Team!

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