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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Behold My Aquathlon Shoes

As the multi-sport season begins, it's time to stock up on essential kit. These will be the first thing I pack. When my weary swimmer arms feel like lead, I'll still be able to pick up these ultra lightweight Hi-Tec Harakas and head off for the run. And they won't weigh down my wobbly jelly legs. Instead, these babies will float me over a fast 5km. In fact they could probably handle further - they took me on a few blister-free miles along the Thames on their first outing!

With less material on these shoes, they won't soak up all the water that drips down after the swim of an aquathlon. This, plus pools of sweat, makes for pretty offensive odour-filled trainers, so the less sponge-like my kicks, the better. 

When the inevitable aquathlon puddle does finally start to clear the transition area with my trainer stench, there'll be no guilt with replacing them. At only £35, the bank balance friendly price tag means you can swiftly grab another pair (or two), so you won't feel obliged to keep them until other competitors begin to pass out.

Best of all, my new aquathlon trainers look pretty awesome. I'll be able to spot those bright colours in transition within milliseconds. They'll also look great training on the track or in the gym working on my strength or even whilst shopping for the rest of my kit.

How many multi-sport races will these great value shoes accompany me on? Only time will tell. But I'm certainly going to enjoy finding out.

If you fancy getting yourself a pair of aquathlon trainers or indeed anything from the Hi-Tec, there're offering Eclectic Cake readers 20% off footwear, apparel and accessories. Simply shop here and use the code BLOG20 at the checkout until 30th June.

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