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Wednesday, 9 April 2014

To The Very Top

Yesterday I accidentally ran up a mountain.

It was my last day in Malvern with family and I wanted to pop out to suck in as much of the clean country air as possible before heading back home to smoggy London. I'd planned for a quick run round the block but it transformed into two and a half hours of epic hill training all by mistake!

Just a couple of miles took me to the town and gardens. Already fairly high up, gaps between the buildings revealed the potential for an incredible view over the valley, so I continued upwards in search of a better beauty spot. But each time I ascended, the view improved. I found myself following an upward path that seemed to never end, each step rewarded with an eyeful of natural beauty.

So I ran a bit more and the town below continued to shrink and melt into the vista. I was soon so far up that the highest point of the hills was closer than my starting point and, as a walker pointed out, I couldn't turn back having come so far. 

The last mile was the steepest but I forced my legs to the top with the Rocky theme tube playing in my head. I was exstatic that I could just 'accidentally' find myself on top of a hill - no training, no planning, just adventure! I was so loopy on endorphins, in fact, that I waved in the next few walkers to the Beacon - much to their bemusement.

This is the type of running that's truly great for the soul. Setting off with no agenda or expectations, just packing legs that are willing to find adventure.

So get me some trail shoes because I'm doing that again and again!

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