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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Wheely Positive

The other night I spent the entire night complaining about how rubbish I am at cycling. Not only is this incredibly boring conversation but, with that attitude, no wonder I'm finding it difficult!

I'm going to ride like a superstar!

It's surprising how powerful your thoughts are when doing something physical. If the going gets tough it's your mind, not your body, that hovers over the 'stop' button. Let negative thoughts slip through and they'll press that big red button, finishing your extra set, whole training session or even race when your body still has fuel in the tank. By telling myself I can't cycle, the breaks are already on before my legs have a chance to give it a go.

The hands of someone who changed a fake puncture

So as of now, I'm only thinking positively about my two-wheeled pursuits. There are obviously areas I need to work on but surely that's the joy of the journey? If everything was easy, I'd never get to feel that sense of achievement when finishing my furthest cycle or quickest mile or racking up at T2 of a triathlon.

To kick off my new outlook on bicycling adventures, here are five good things I've learned about cycling:

1.  Under the instruction of my triathlon club, I've changed a fake puncture.

2.  I am no longer scared of spin classes, in fact I love them!

3.  I've discovered padded saddle covers.

4.  My legs have discovered the push/pull motion, much more efficient than just pushing.

5.  There are plenty of novice-friendly cycle events to book as motivation to train.

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