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Monday, 26 May 2014

Bad Week/Good Week

Turn that frown upside-down
A fortnight ago I went through a whole week of disappointment. I felt rubbish at everything, there didn't seem to be enough time for training and, even worse, I seemed to be spreading the negativity...

SATURDAY:  My 10k PB slipped away by just 44 seconds after some bad maths. Whilst I still enjoyed the run, I couldn't help going through the whole race, trying to pick out where I'd 'wasted' time.

SUNDAY:  My plan of yoga, foam rolling and physio exercises was instead filled with housework. There simply isn't enough time in the day for life and training, so I seem to spend every Sunday tidying up the chaos that builds during the week.

MONDAY:  Speaking of lack of time, my plans of a swim was foiled by my workload. 

TUESDAY:  I seemed to have lost any ability or coordination at flying trapeze. I still can't do the trick I've been working on for months - fly off the bar, get caught, swing a bit, let go, turn around, grab the bar and return to the platform - there's a block in my body or my mind that stops me from doing it. I'm capable but something says no.

WEDNESDAY:  My work run club's single participant - a first time runner training for a September half marathon - didn't enjoy the session. This was only week two but after a brilliant first session, she found it hard and was visibly unhappy. I'm worried I pushed her too quickly.

THURSDAY:  I finally found time to swim but I've lost all aquatic fitness. Two weeks away from the first triathlon of the year, this doesn't fill me with confidence!

FRIDAY:  After perhaps too much positive thinking, I didn't get into Trail Team 2014. Whilst my head knows my novice trail and hardly travelled legs were never true candidates, I'd managed to convince myself otherwise. And I missed my handstand class.

I was carrying a big black cloud with me the whole week and it was starting to weigh me down. But then, on a train to visit friends for the weekend, a spark of inspiration hit me. The only reason my week had felt bad was the negative spin I'd put on everything. If only I'd seen the glimmers of positivity, my week could have gone a lot better...

SATURDAY:  I was only 44 seconds off my PB! If I plan properly, I should nail it at my next 10k race.

SUNDAY:  I obviously need to be more organised so things don't feel so chaotic. My trusty diary will now be full of plans and lists.

MONDAY:  Rest is good for the soul and legs. I should embrace days where I can concentrate on something other than training.

TUESDAY:  All this pressure on one trick, is taking its toll. Trying something new for once will keep my classes fresh and hopefully help focus my mind on something other than all the times I've failed. (This theory was proven with a third time lucky new trick - fly out, get caught, swing a bit, back tuck, land on my feet!)

WEDNESDAY:  Running can be hard, especially at the beginning, that's why my work friend has asked me to help her. I'm not a coach, so all of our sessions will be trial and error - what doesn't work we'll ditch. But ultimately, I'm there for my friend to support her through the bad runs and celebrate the good.

THURSDAY:  Swimming with hayfever is always going to feel miserable.

FRIDAY:  Being shortlisted from hundreds of hopeful runners to take part in an inspiring day of trail running is brilliant! As someone completely new to this type of running, I couldn't have asked for a better introduction. And with so many ideas buzzing around my head, I can create my own mountain adventure!

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