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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Climbing Mountains

You'd be wrong to think London doesn't have mountains. Yes, geographically speaking there are none, but every day people are scaling heights to get over their own personal Kilimanjaro. These are tall challenges, lofty goals, that are laid down to push ourselves, to make us the best we can be and to help us achieve something we once thought impossible.

My mountain? Cycling. I'm still near enough stuck at the bottom, staring at the summit wondering how on earth I'll make it to the top. My ultimate goal is to complete a cycling event - no swim or run to cushion the blow - two wheels, and two wheels only. I feel pretty far away from being able to finish a race before everyone's packed up and gone home but I am at least edging onwards and upwards... I actually enjoy spin classes and am slightly less terrified of my road bike, I've changed a puncture and successfully washed my bike without breaking it, I've even been disappointed when a ride has been rained off.

As with any self-imposed barrier, cycling is far easier to attempt with the right equipment. And, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Mountain Warehouse solely caters for scaling topographical heights. In fact, they have the kit to conquer any physical challenge, be it achieving a difficult yoga pose, taking on your fastest run or, indeed, cycling the furthest you've ever travelled on two wheels before. And the brand have kindly helped me out with my first ever cycling jacket. London, put your brollies away, get your shades out - I am the proud owner of a fluorescent waterproof jacket.

And yes, my friends jokingly pretend to look for me as I'm so glaringly obvious in my new kit but that's the point! I feel safer knowing that I can be seen on the road. There are now fewer excuses to miss rides, as the waterproofing works a treat (tested with cat-and-dog rain then accidentally half a cup of coffee on a mid-ride cake break). Best of all, I'm comfortable. Well, as comfortable as one can be balanced on skinny wheels and a tiny lump for a seat but at least I don't have weird clothing pulling and dragging me around.

So then, all that's left is to continue the slow yet steady climb to achieve my mountainous goal.

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