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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Blue Cow Rooftop Yoga

It's before 8am on a Wednesday morning, I'm twisted on the floor of a rooftop bar facing St. Paul's Cathedral and I've just been asked to make my hip stretch feel 'juicy'. Life feels a little surreal right now!

But it's not surprising, yoga is a bizarre activity. You contort your body to supposedly look like all sorts of animals, whilst making silly noises and breathing in unison. And on this occasion, it was made even more ridiculous with the location – the rooftop bar of One New Change. We were on top of the world, overlooking the city as it slowly woke up to a gloriously sunny day, whilst pretending to be dogs and becoming all zen. It was wonderful!

As my focus seems to have rested on running for the past few weeks, my toes have become further out of reach as my flexibility goes out the window. Coupled with a pretty stressful month, I was feeling up-tight and stiff. This session with Blue Cow Yoga seemed the perfect remedy for body and soul.

Our instructor – equally energising as calming – began our session with a spot of sunbathing. It was bonkers but I was with her from the start. The class did, of course, progress from lying on our backs in the sun to progressively harder poses. We were challenged but I didn't once feel out of my depth or inept for choosing an easier version. It was made clear very early on that this was our own session for our own bodies, we could do what we wanted and any instruction was a guide. And a good job, too. Although, weirdly, I knew exactly what was meant, the idea of 'juicy' hips made me giggle and wobble. My yoga session was certainly lighthearted and fun.

And that, for me, is what made such a strange class so completely relaxing – being comfortable enough to enjoy the sillyness whilst still working hard enough to sweat, all rewarded with incredible views.


  1. I tried yoga for the first time, as party of my 100 sports & class challenge and when I finished I ended up crying, I felt such a release! What beautiful views you had though :-)

    1. Wow! Yoga certainly is a strange one, and indeed it can be so emotional.