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Monday, 30 June 2014

How to Live Your Life Like Chrissie

Last week, thanks to Runners Need, I had the absolute honour of sitting in a room with the captivating Chrissie Wellington and listen to her talk. She explained how she became four-time world Ironman champion and how almost every time she went into a big race, she wasn’t sure if she would get through it. Before even starting, she had placed limits on what she was capable of. But each time, she came away surprised by her own strength, endurance and determination after smashing her goal. And apparently, us mere mortals are capable of achieving much, much more than we believe, too. 

Chrissie said we were twins, if that doesn't mean I'm headed for triathlon success then nothing does.

This is how to live like Chrissie…

Decide what you want from life. What do you love doing? What’s the one thing that will make you happiest? Now go chase it!

Often, chasing your passion will mean a complete change in direction and go into the unknown. Whatever it is, do it. Yes it’s scary but, as Chrissie puts it, too many people are stuck in their bubble.

Decide exactly what you want to achieve – what are you aiming for? Now work out why. This is the thing you’ll look to when times are tough. That reason needs to be big enough to keep you going.

A plan will help you stay on track to achieving your goal but make sure it’s tailored to your life, your strengths and your weaknesses. Also, build in a bit of flexibility. Select things you must do. Everything else is a ‘nice to have’, if you don’t do it, it doesn’t matter.

Chrissie is a triathlete. She does one sport, not three. If she doesn’t hydrate properly on the bike, she doesn’t get to start a fresh when she gets to transition, her run will suffer. As with life. If something is off balance, it throws the rest off kilter, too.

There will be dark times where you’ll want to quit. Remember them. Because you’ll come out the other side stronger, knowing you can deal with whatever’s thrown at you.

Your mind is your most important weapon. When you want to quit, it will tell you not to. When you’re wondering why you’re doing it all, it will remember. You can also use it to trick yourself into thinking what you’re doing is easier. Your big scary challenge may feel more manageable by cutting it up into smaller chunks – footsteps on the way to success.

Imagine yourself reaching your goal, think about being strong and successful. Now visualise the things that could go wrong. If you’ve already imagined how to deal with bumps in the road, you’ll be far better prepared if you do actually come across any.

Of course, success can be measurable. In these digit-loving days, everything is. But true success is knowing you’ve truly put your heart and soul into something you’ve decided to focus on. When you’ve tried your absolute best, that’s what success feels like.

For more Wellington wisdom, read her brilliantly inspiring book, A Life Without Limits.

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