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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Last Minute Tips for your First Triathlon

In under a week, I'll have the privilege of swimming, cycling and running alongside two of my oldest friends in their very first triathlon. They're being eased into the world of multi-sport with what's set to be the most welcoming women's triathlon ever, Triathlon Pink. But whilst Sally and Steph assure me they're excited, they've given me an ever growing list of nervous questions about the day. Here are a few things they wanted to know...

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As we're only doing a very short distance pool race, there's no need to commit to buying a trisuit. A swimsuit, with shorts and a top for the cycle and run, will do just fine. But remember, you'll be putting on the clothes when you're wet, so make sure they're easy to pull on.

You'll probably also want to wear a sports bra underneath your swimsuit for support on the run. Choose a thin, quick-drying style so it doesn't soak up half the pool and drip throughout the rest of the race. You can find a more thorough guide on how to choose a sports bra for triathlon here.

If you're taking on a longer distance or are already planning your second race, it might be a good idea to get a trisuit. Trigirl, one of the Triathlon Pink partners and maker of brilliant triathlon kit, have a great range of one-piece and two-piece suits. You can find more information on how to choose a trisuit here.

Credit: Trigirl


Here's a simple kit list and where each bit needs to go when you're setting up:

You'll need to wear these items for the first part of the race.
- Swimsuit/trisuit
- Sports bra
- Goggles
- Swim hat

You'll need to lay these items out in the transition area before you start your race.
- Towel (After your swim, stand on your towel to dry your feet. This will also mark out your transition area, so bring a bright one so you can spot your place easily.)
- Helmet
- Bike
- Shorts and top (if you're not wearing a trisuit)
- Shoes and socks
- Race number (either pre-pinned to your top or attached to a racebelt)
- Drink (transition gives you a chance to hydrate)

Unless you have bike shoes and need to put trainers on, then tack your bike up, take your helmet off and run...!


Probably, yes. But it's a special type of crazy that makes you challenge yourself with not one, not two but three sports because one just wasn't enough!

Visit the Triathlon Pink site for even more helpful hints in how to prepare for your first triathlon.

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