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Thursday, 5 June 2014

Run to Work

Elbow your way into an oversized tin can and race to grab the last fabric-ed surface to sit on. Too slow and you're forced to shuffle your toes around suitcases to reach a greasy handrail and wedge your fingers in between other people's clammy fists. Hold on tight and be sure to avoid toe stampers, armpit paraders and wild sneezers.

Ready to run
As if you needed an excuse to abandon a miserable commute in favour of a run, today is the first #run2workday, where Londoners are encouraged to complete their journey to work by foot. All in aid of getting people fitter and saving a bit of money, hundreds of early alarms have been set, backpacks have been stuffed with work clothes and routes have been planned.

14.5 miles from home to work – a little too far before work!
Using the site's route planner, I quickly decided that running the 14.5 miles from Ruislip Gardens to Holborn was quite ambitious before work, so I settled on a tube/run commute – taking transport to Holland park and running 3.8 miles. I figured that I could build up distance in the coming months (possibly more than I bargain for as I notoriously get lost).

A completely manageable distance for a morning run commute 
Whilst it takes some planning (I left clothes and a towel at work last night) and motivation to roll out of bed a little earlier, running even part of the way to work has done wonders for my energy levels – I'm definitely awake this morning. And being out in the open is far more enjoyable than travelling in someone's armpit. It felt like a mini adventure rather than a mission.

You don't get views like this on the tube!

If you fancy joining in with next month's #run2workday, on Thursday 3rd July, here are a few tips to make sure your journey is enjoyable as possible...

1) Leave clothes, a towel and any cosmetics you'll need at work the night before.

2) If you don't have access to a shower at work, take advantage of the free Virgin Active pass you get for signing up to the scheme.

3) Try to carry as little as possible – heavy loads may make it difficult to run.

4) Invest in a good running backpack (my favourite brand is Inov8) for a comfortable journey.

5) Plan your route before you leave. The #run2workday site's route planner can calculate the distance and time it takes to run between any two stations in London.

6) Most of all, enjoy the freedom of getting to work under your own steam and bathe in your smug post-run glow.


  1. Fab post and love the tips! Wish I was close enough to work to run. I tried a run/train/run the other day but it was a bit stressful. And I *always* seem to attract Train Weirdos! Argh!

    1. Thanks! Shame you couldn't join in and boo to train weirdos...although I think my fellow commuters thought I was the weirdo.