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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Race Report: Gloanna

Sat in the sun with my picnic of prosecco and sushi, I enjoyed the vibes pulsing from the live DJ as others built up a warm glow in their alfresco yoga class. This was the running equivalent of glamping.

And just with glamorous camping, there will be many running purists who would turn their noses up at such an event. Each – 'real' camping and 'real' running – should feature some element of suffering, just you and nature. But that's the beauty of Gloanna, it takes something that can be uncomfortable and makes it glamorous. The fact that the portaloo had lit and framed pictures says it all! There's no timing chip, our bibs only displayed our names and we celebrated the start of the 5k run around Battersea Park with a shot of prosecco. It's wrong to think of this event as a race. It isn't. It's more a festival celebrating ladies that brunch.

Like any festival, the success of this small gathering of sublime and ridiculous relies slightly on the weather. Given warm sun, and revellers can relax in the park for hours; grey skies and rain, and the party would end pretty quickly.

That isn't to say Gloanna-ers are scared of a bit of rain, we ran the best part of 5k in wet weather. Our yoga instructors showed incredible strength, as they practically balanced on their little fingers demonstrating the advanced poses, whilst I rolled around the floor attempting to touch my toes. As a ripple of giggles filled the tent, I realised I wasn't alone.

And that was the best bit about the morning. Forget the post-run stretch, forget the yoga zen, forget my new favourite after exercise drink. I got to spend time with friends – friends who normally run a different pace to me, friends that are slowly coming back from injury, friends that I hadn't yet made.

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