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Monday, 28 July 2014

Race Report: National Lottery Newham Anniversary Run

I tell people the most romantic thing my husband has ever done is give me a handmade voucher for joint entry to a race of my choice. He gets embarrassed and points out there have been far better gestures, gifts and getaways. But I disagree, no bunch of flowers will ever be better than him sacrificing a weekend to join me in doing something I love yet he loathes!

Smiles at the start (credit +Leah Evans)

On the weekend of our fourth wedding anniversary, when Andrew should have been enjoying a lazy breakfast in bed, we sat on an early morning train, me trying to explain why this was a good idea, him studying the course map for corners to cut. I'd chosen the Anniversary Run because it was a challenging but attainable 5 miles, with the hook of being in the amazing Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. We'd run it together last year and I'm hoping to make it an annual thing – two out of two, so far.

Demonstrating the issues of taking a running selfie with a 6'5" husband.

Andrew was the first to admit he wasn't well prepared. Since last year he'd racked up only a couple of miles worth of running by chasing after our nephews, sprinting between bases at baseball and rushing to save burning food from the oven. Even so, he happily lined up to run (although he'd later reveal he was only happy he wouldn't have to do it again for another year) and set off at a pretty eager pace.

The park said run, so we did.

It wasn't to last. He felt uncomfortable in the heat and was visibly struggling, gasping for breath. Normally I'd encourage a runner to keep going but it wasn't fun to watch my husband suffer, especially because he doesn't enjoy running, so I suggested we walk a bit. Thankful, he walk/run-ed through the course, as I picked out milestones to try and split up the distance. Once Andrew had gained full control of his breathing, he apologised for walking and tried to shoo me away but there was no way I was leaving him out there. He'd woken up early to spend time with me, I wasn't going to abandon him on the course! I pointed out that if we ended up walking the rest of the distance, it just meant we would spend longer racing together. He suddenly quickened the pace and began running. It seems that the terror of spending more time with me was all the motivation he needed to run to the finish line!

A slightly sweaty finish (still with a smile!) (credit +Leah Evans)

Who said romance is dead?!


  1. Such a cute gift! I am constantly trying to get the other half to race with me, but he just won't do it, he does come for short runs with me sometimes though, as much as he hates it!

    1. Ah, that's brilliant! Hopefully one day, he'll dip his toes into the world of racing.

  2. I think that sounds pretty romantic! My boyfriends is a resolute non-runner, although he is willing to go to yoga workshops with me, which always makes me very happy (and he is quite possibly better at it than me!)!

    1. Ah, brilliant! I think it's wonderful to share in each others' interests!