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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

#Team14: Challenge Accepted

Seeking proof that the host city of the XX Commonwealth Games is in fact as friendly as they claim, I set the people of Glasgow a challenge to show me the sights on my first ever visit. They didn't disappoint, there's no doubting they'll be excellent hosts this summer. Here's my photo diary of everything I managed to cram into 24hours...

"Fáilte gu Alba" – the Gaelic translation
We whizzed past this friendly sign
First stop, some culture at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum
...where you can see what a wild haggis looks like
The best fuel in all the land
Some Glasgow 2014 official venue spotting
There's plenty of green in the city, perfect for a run or cycle
These flags are proudly displayed all over Glasgow
A giant version of the XX Commonwealth Games logo
The official Haggis
Me and some of the #Team14 bloggers taking a selfie with Clyde, the mascot (credit Paula)

That selfie (credit Stephen)

My official Games tshirt bought at the superstore opening
Duke of Wellington statue, with his famous cone
My friendly trail running guide, Graham
Beautiful view of Glasgow during my run up the Campsie Fells


  1. You were in the campsies?! Thats really near where my parents live ha ha, great area :)

    1. Ah! They're so lucky – it's a beautiful place, great running.