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Sunday, 20 July 2014

#Team14: Relay Important

In just a couple of days, the Queen's Baton Relay will finally end its 288 day journey in Glasgow, signalling the start of the XX Commonwealth Games. In that time it's travelled 190,000km through 70 commonwealth nations and territories but it's the 40 days spent touring Scotland, the host nation, that are by far the most important. The aim was simple: make noise, get everyone involved, create a legacy.

Photo credit: Glasgow 2014

Anything that provides a valid excuse for a break from work or school will get attention and the Scots took advantage of the opportunity, lining the streets wherever the baton travelled. If you didn't know anything about Glasgow 2014 before, the commotion of the relay would certainly make you sit up and take notice. Making sure the nation is aware of hosting the games, is the first step to getting the backing it needs to make it a success.

Photo credit: Glasgow 2014

The baton relay is more than just a spectacle and photo opportunity. Brining the procession to all 32 Local Authority areas, makes sure everyone has a chance to get involved in this major sporting event. Most will have to settle for watching the action on TV but seeing the warm-up celebrations first-hand, will hopefully give them a sense of being a part of the games. Each of the 4,000 baton bearers also brought with them an entourage of street decoration, festivals and sport days – something for everyone to get involved with.

Photo credit: Glasgow 2014

This summer, Glasgow will truly come alive during the Commonwealth Games but what happens beyond 2014 is important, too. A legacy is already being created. Among many other projects, the baton tour has been able to highlight some of the 150 community sport hubs due to be created in the next two years thanks to the games. In a place where life expectancy and health are sadly low, projects that encourage an active lifestyle are so important.

So, even though the XX Commonwealth Games opens on 23rd July, Glasgow 2014 has already begun.

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